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Reviewer I.D: 1056

Book Name: A Rabbit’s Tale: An Easter Story

Author: Diogenes Ruiz

Rating: 5 stars

A Rabbit’s Tale by Diogenes Ruiz is a compelling story of redemption that offers a subtle inspirational message.

Monty McBride is a narcissistic man with a sadistic mean streak that only became worse as he grew older. McBride has his sights set on taking over his father’s company at all costs.  Juan Arias is a computer programmer who leads a mundane life full of compromise and desperation. He is married to a self indulgent woman who cares only about her social status.

In a freak accident on Easter, Juan is forced to endure a bizarre condition that subjects him to intense ridicule. Learning to cope with his circumstances, Juan learns about himself and the power of faith. As he tries to cope with his bizarre circumstances, Juan has an opportunity to use his unusual gift of insight to try and thwart Monty McBrides’s wicked plan.

The Rabbit’s Tale is a book that’s difficult to set down once you start reading it. The narrative is fantastic, and the characters are well developed and intriguing. There is a definite Christian message here, but it doesn’t come across as overbearing at all. Diogenes Ruiz is a talented writer!

Reviewer I.D. 1057

Rating: 5 stars

This is truly the sort of book that you just can't put down. Diogenes Ruiz is a master carver of words. He has artfully combined some very funny situations along with devastating events, which all happen when the reader least expects the twists. The chapters blend beautifully, into an amazingly surprising story that keeps the reader interested from the beginning to end. If you're looking for something different, try A Rabbit's Tale, where mystery, hate, and love are combined for a story you won't forget.

Reviewer ID: 1057

Book Name: Circle of the Sun: Summer Sol

Author: Susan Schroder

Rating: 5 stars

How could a reader begin to review this brilliantly written piece of art ? The story encompasses so many levels of fantasy, and Susan Schroder proceeds to introduce us to adorable fairies, gremlins and beautiful mermaids, who escort us on a magical trip between the light and the dark. Come, take the journey along with her companions, Merik the black cat, and Snow the white bird. As an added advantage to reading this excitingly different tale, is author Schroder's shockingly beautiful art work, that illustrates the story. Her depictions of characters who guide her through this story are hauntingly beautiful. Don't miss this one !!

Reviewer: 1132

Rating: 5 stars

This is a really fun story placed in a fantasy settings with the Traveler as the main protagonist. I’ve been really immersed into the tale from the very first page and I loved the vividly described scenery and the turbulent plot twists. Parts of it felt like a dream and the characters were unexpected and imaginative, especially near the ending. Overall, I would highly recommend this one.

   Reviewer: 1156

   Rating: 5 stars

When I choose to read fantasy, it’s because I want to immerse myself in a world so different from our own that I feel like I’m an observer inside the story. This is the feeling I had when I entered Susan Schroder’s incredible imagination. The illustrations are amazing, and the assortment of fascinating creatures helps keep the story moving quickly. It’s a very entertaining book that offers just the right combination of suspense, personal interaction and revelation. This is a great book for adults and young adults, and I highly recommend it. My only issue was with my Kindle for PC app. The book wouldn’t load until I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I guess it has to do with the Windows 10 update?