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3.5 Stars
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Reviewer I.D: 1339

Book Name: Zheewa

Author: Joe Sweeney

Rating: 4.5 stars

In Zheewa, Joe Sweeney creates a deep, intricate and rich world inhabited by a species that has evolved on an earth that is now a single super continent.  The story revolves around Sean Eagan, who is a human from the early 21st century. Eagan mysteriously wakes up 200 million years in the future amidst this strange, yet compassionate, species called the Zheewa. The story follows Eagan’s exploits as he tries to understand and fit into this strange, but peaceful culture.

I really enjoyed reading Zheewa but would have appreciated a more complete ending. There is certainly a sequel here, and I look forward to more interaction between the Zheewa and ancient humans.