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Reviewer ID: 1001

Book Name: Coming to Rosemont

Author: Barbara Hinske

Rating: 5 stars

I discovered and now have started reading books from other self published authors I never knew about. I'm now hooked on Barbara Hinke's books. I feel like I had a connection to her main character, Maggie, in “Coming to Rosemont.” You think you are so comfortable in life, and on a turn, you never expect the unexpected to happen to you. Her entire life changes and she adapted to the new beginnings, and not at a young age when you expect to start over.

 Of course her book had twists and turns you weren't expecting, but you fell in love with Maggie and her new friends. As usual, there are the few disreputable characters that are needed to keep your blood flowing in a good book. I'm on her 3rd novel and can't stop reading her work. It just became available in her Rosemont series, and I'm taking every opportunity to read it.. This has been a great site to discover unknown authors, and I  truly appreciate the fact that there are many other authors that are trying to find a wider audience just like I am.

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Reviewer ID: 1001

Book Name: Inescapable

Author: Amy A. Bartol

Rating: 4 stars

 “Inescapable” is a Teen and Young Adult Paranormal Romance written by Amy A. Bristol. It’s a lovely, if slow-moving, journey of self-discovery as our heroine learns not just who, but what, she is. I found the book imaginative, a bit reminiscent of the Twilight series but with its own spin and color.

The negatives:

The book was written in the first person point of view, and in the present tense, both of which were choices that made the book more challenging to enjoy. An overwrought southern accent on one central character was distracting, but he was likable and well-developed. Some of the characterizations were immature, perhaps more high school than college.

The positives:

The setting descriptions were rich and detailed. Our protagonist, Evie, was plucky and admirable. It’s a good series starter, as there’s obviously so much more to story to be told as this book closes.