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4.6 Stars
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Reviewer I.D: 1956

Book Name: Dogs on the Verge of Poetry

Author: Joy Valerius

Rating: 4.3 stars

If you like poetry and are a dog lover, this book is for you. Joy’s poems alternate between the whimsical and the dark aspects of human/canine interaction, and she covers a wide range of subject that explore every part of the unique relationship humans have with their dogs. This is not a book for those who consider dogs as just pets. Joy incorporates every one of her furry friends into the family, and her words will make you laugh and cry with the honesty of emotion expressed throughout the book.

This is a strong first effort, and I sense Joy has just begun to scratch the surface of her writing talents. She hints at a very rich life filled with a variety of experiences, and I look forward to her follow up book.

Reviewer I.D: 1057

Rating 5 stars

Readers who purchase this book will question how they ever became so fortunate to score such a original and touching selection of poems. Each page contains simple lines of words that describe a dog that the reader immediately recognizes and relates to, a dog that once filled their life, as well. We are taken on a journey of both, wagging tales, cold noses, and warm bodies pressed against ours, as together, we watch TV on a cold night, both of us, safe and content in our bed. Joy Valerious also takes us through dark periods with our animals, when we know we are losing our beloved pet to some ominous disease, and we stand by devastated and helpless to save our best friend.

Author Valrious reminds us, also, in her beautiful style of prose, that there are so many stray, shelter dogs, who need saving, and tells us in poignant words of their need and prayers for a forever home.

If you remember doggie kisses, the knock knock of a tail,against a table, and favorite dog toys strewn about, you will without a doubt enjoy Joy Valerious very sweet, funny and special book of poems. Please recommend this to all your dog loving friends.