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So how does all of this work?

We’re glad you asked. It’s actually pretty simple:

Frequently asked questions:

How do you define a “self published author”?

For the purpose of clarity, we define a self published book as one where the author retains all rights and is financially responsible for publishing and marketing activities and costs. Books published through third-party and subsidy publishers qualify as long as the author has paid for the services and retains all rights. Some authors create their own publishing company, and those books are acceptable as well. However, mid-level publishers that represent multiple authors and own all or some of the rights to the books they represent are not eligible.

How many books will be listed on the site?

Hopefully, there will be enough good books listed to keep our readers engaged and interested. What we do know is that our authors will not be competing against the better-funded and better-connected large publishers. As a result, visibility should be much better for every member/author.

Will you accept every self-published book that is submitted?

No. The self published book industry is fairly criticized for a lack of basic editing in some books. We will evaluate the first 10 or so pages to determine if grammar and punctuation would be a distraction for the reader. While the choice of subject matter is largely left to the author, we will not accept any content that pertains to the sexual exploitation of minor children.

Is there a book length requirement?

Yes. We are not interested in single chapter books or “teasers.” The minimum length for each genre is as follows:

Nonfiction book – no minimum word requirement

Fiction – Novella – 18,000 words

Fiction – Novel – 40,000 words

Short Story Collections - 40,000 words

Young Adult books – 25,000 words

Children’s books – 250 words

How much can I charge for my book?

As much as the market will bear. Whatever you charge at Amazon will be your selling price on The Hidden Author. Free book listings are fine, but we encourage authors to consider the value of their work. To some extent, we worry that free books diminish the integrity of the self publishing community. We understand why authors choose to give their books away, but we believe that authors should be fairly compensated for quality writing.

How do I get Paid?

You get paid from Amazon as you would ordinarily.  Ordering through our website does not add any premium to book pricing.

Why did you choose to become an Amazon affiliate?

Quite simply, Amazon has the most sophisticated inventory and delivery system in the world. We want to focus on selling books, and logistics only serves to detract from that effort.

Why  do I have to submit reviews? Do I have to submit 4 reviews for each book I list

Reviews are the cornerstone of the promotion process. We all know how the reviews listed on the major online bookstores can be skewed by the use of paid positive reviews. No one is in a better position to honestly evaluate a book than another writer. Our review process will be exclusive to our author/members, which ensures that the public will have access to true and honest reviews for the books on our website. The requirement is 4 reviews per year per member, no matter how many books they have listed.

Will people know my identity if I review their book?

No. Your user name will be your email address when you sign up, but you can always change it. In any event, reviews are identified by a reviewer number only.

How can I submit a review without purchasing another author’s book?

You probably can’t, and that’s the point. As a community, self-published authors have done a poor job of supporting each other through book sales. Part of this is because most self published books are very difficult to find. By making the book reviews mandatory, we know that every member will likely purchase at least four books a year from other self-published authors. Besides the immediate financial benefit, increased sales will result in higher rankings on Amazon, which leads to greater visibility, which leads to more sales. The whole point is to provide the momentum good books from hidden authors need to achieve critical mass.

Where is the review form located?

You can access the review form from the members section, which is a password protected part of the site reserved exclusively for author/members.

Why do I have to pay  a fee to list my book?

In general, people have a greater interest in something that carries a financial commitment. We want our members to be invested in their success and the success of The Hidden Author. If you look at the cost for paid book reviews, contests, marketing programs and advertising, the price to list a book on is a bargain. Your book will be exposed to buyers not browsers, and your only responsibility will be to provide good material and support your fellow self-published authors.

Can I Get  a refund on my book listing?

Sorry, all sales are final. If we don’t meet your expectations, or you can’t live up to your review commitment, you will be out $20.

Can I register without listing a book?

Yes. You can register, but you won’t be able to post reviews or gain access to the “Members” section. We considered allowing unpublished authors to become members, but there would be no way to stop people from posting paid reviews. Maintaining the integrity of the review process is tantamount. Our goal is to form a cohesive community of self-published authors who support each other intellectually, emotionally and financially.

Who decides which books are featured, and how is the ranking order determined?

The ranking of featured books is based on a  formula that includes the number of reviews, overall average review ratings and release date.  Newer books with an escalating number of reviews benefit slightly in the formula.

Can I pay extra to get ranked high?

No. The integrity of the ranking system is paramount. Books will displayed in an order determined by the formula listed above. We want the best books to be displayed prominently. However, it is important to remember that ALL books will be far more visible than they would be on major retail book seller websites. In short, we will not offer paid reviews or paid rankings.

Is My Privacy Assured?

Yes. Since your transactions will be completed through PayPal or Amazon, your information is secured by their protocols.


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