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The Woman Who  Sparked the Greatest  Sex Scandal  of All Time Eli Yaakunah 5 Stars
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Sunderwynde Revisted  Joel Bresler
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Reviewer I.D: 1023

Book Name: Because of My Love for Lauren

Author: LaVina Vanorny-Barcus

Rating: 5 stars

 the author's use of descriptive writing was well used. The descriptions of the characters were believable and I could definitely relate to them. When I read this book, it brought back some buried memories. I don't want to give a lot of way but this book was well written. Vanomy-Barcus story telling was amazing and accurate. I was surprised at the end of the book but was very glad the main character was paid back with Karma.

Reviewer I.D: 1057

Book Name: Spit of a Minute: An irreconcilable life

Author: Dixie Burns

Rating: 5 stars

Dixie Burns creates a vivid character in Queenie, but not only is Queenie a mind sticker as she evolves in a world of less than perfect people. Surprising effect is not only does she survive, she conquers. Story set in a time of texture, and Burns paints mental pictures of her characters with a broad colorful brush. The author is a paint with words artist, and the take away is, even the poor, drunk, and illicit have something to teach. Hope a new word canvas is in the making.

Reviewer I.D: 1057

Book Name: Sunderwynde Revisted…Again

Author: Joel Bresler

Rating: 5 stars

  In Joel Breslers second book, Sunderwynde Revisited Again, we find Dr. Edward J. "Flint Stone " trying to find answers to the Event, with Native American Medicine Men and local people in the Western Reserve part of the country. He ambles casinos, and cheap tobacco shops looking for a way to explain phenomena that manifests itself in that part of the country. After wandering four states with still no reasonable answers, he decides to return to Cleveland, Ohio, the site of the Event. He encounters numerous people on his journey home, and upon arrival, a new mystery begins to unfold. Bresler takes readers to new heights, as he spins a tale of golden promise, and tweaks your interest with foreign intrigue. Joel Bresler writes with accuracy, and a wonderful spicy dry humor. Don't miss his original stories and recommend his book to friends.

Reviewer ID: 1057

Author: Eli Yakunnah

Rating: 5 stars

This book owns the content of literary genius. The crochet pattern of sexually explicit scenes is without compare. This is a compelling book and goes without saying, impossible to put down. The battle between good and evil.......right and wrong is so clearly mapped. From page one to the end, a book without comparison.

Reviewer I.D: 1056

Book Name: Sunderwynde Revisited

Author: Joel Bressler

Rating: 5 stars

Return to Sunderwynde is a delightful and quirky story that follows the lives of Jerry, Liz, Melissa and Kenny, a somewhat typical family living in a middle class Cleveland suburb. The house is as indistinct as most homes on cul-de-sacs in planned communities, but 4526 Sunderwynde Drive harbors an ancient and unusual secret.

While we follow the individual adventures of the family (Jerry’s ongoing effort to figure out why he keeps getting promotions when he doesn’t actually work is hilarious), the primary plot continues to evolve as Professor Ed Stone enters the picture.

I was hooked on Return to Sunderwynde very early on in the book. Bresler has an understated dry wit and a wicked sense of humor, which kept me chuckling to myself throughout the atory. Return to Sunderwynde is the kind of book that can cause you to miss an appointment because you want to read just one…more…page.

Reviwer I.D: 1011

Rating: 5 stars

 What happens when an ordinary (well, mostly) family is confronted with an ancient Indian curse, an eccentric professor of prehistoric philosophy, and their son's discovery of prowlers in their upscale suburban cut-de-sac? And what if their story is told in a quirky, wordplay-infused narrative? Find out in Sunderwynde Revisited! A fun read, well-written, that examines, along with the above, the climb of an adrift executive from corporate malaise to relevance, the battle of his daughter with the competitive world of social media, and the curiosity and perplexity of his wife as she is faced with the less-than-adroit conspiracy of the professor to invade her home. Enjoy!

Reviewer 1057

Rating: 5 star

Author Joel Bresler gifts his readers with a hilarious look into the promotion process if corporate America. Jerry, a main character, is promoted to a pinnacle position so high in the Exceptional Techno Corp, that he actually has no job. Simultaneously he weaves a mystery that is brewing at Jerry's home. Native American Spirits are brewing up an Event on Sunderwynde Dr. that will keep you on the edge of curiosity. Winds blow, dishes fly, as Bresler takes you through a harrowing adventure ! Don't miss taking this journey with this amazing author, and a little tip, his second book, Sunderwynde Revisited ( Again ) is available.