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Overcome Stress: A  Powerful Practice of  Mindfulness &  Meditation for Putting  Life Into Perspective June Joseph

Reviewer I.D: 1057

Book Name:  Overcome Stress: A Powerful Practice of

Mindfulness & Meditation for Putting Life Into Perspective

Author: June Joseph

Rating: 5 stars

 Thank you, thank you, June Joseph, for writing a book explaining the art of meditation using everyday language readers can understand. Joseph lays out step by step instruction for both accomplished members and folks new to the art. Everyday stress falls away using her simple to understand directions.

June Joseph also includes lessons to approach the comparatively new art of mindfulness. There is much conversation whirling around this new technique geared for relaxation of mind and body. Again joseph gives adequate details to acquire a peaceful mind, which can be achieved even in an office setting during a short afternoon break.

Be sure to pick up the valuable book, you'll be surprised at the amazing results, and your new found ability to control stress. June Joseph's book would also make a delightful gift for a's that good.

Reviewer I.D: 1056

Rating: 5 stars

If you are interested in learning effective strategies for stress management, June Joseph’s book will help you choose the approach that is best suited for your frame of mind, circumstances and schedule. The book follows a logical progression that covers the source of stress and how it develops into a chronic condition.

Joseph then explores coping strategies that include meditation and mindfulness. Each discipline is thoroughly explained and defined with an accompanying outline of specific techniques designed to get you to a place where you will experience peace and tranquility. In fact, I tried several of these techniques and found that Focused Attention Meditation worked best for me. If you find yourself constantly stressing out about work or life in general, this is really a fantastic book that will help you relax and find more enjoyment in life.

Reviewer I.D: 1129

Rating: 5 stars

I've been overwhelmed for stress lately and this seemed like a really good book on resolving my issues. I was not disappointed, it details how to deal with our time, emotions and issues in a healthy and intelligently managed way. It definitely helped me put things into perspective and the part on picking up new habits has made a major difference for me! I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who is dealing with similar issues.

Reviewer I.D: 1025

Book Name:  Dyslexia Tool Kit for Tutors and Parents

Author:Yvonna Graham and Alta Graham


Rating: 5 stars

A tremendous tool kit that I came across so far on Dyslexia. As a tutor with no dyslexic training, teaching a dyslexic child can be taxing. However, the author makes it achievable with numerous creative and easy to implement methods.

I couldn't wait to put the teaching strategies into practice.

A very comprehensive book that parents and anyone from the teaching industry should consider reading. Reading this book will definitely changed your perspective on dyslexic children. With the right tools, they not only will have a future but a future beyond our imagination.