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Our Reviews Circle the Sun:  Summer's Sol Susan Schroder
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Reviewer I.D: 1128

Book Name: The Secret Daughter: Discovery of a Goddess

Author: Tracy Andrews

Rating: 5 stars

Tracy Andrews, author of the book “The Secret Daughter,” writes an extraordinary creative book that incorporates Greek Gods that band together to rule with a dream goddess. The protagonist is a goddess that wakes up with powers beyond what she ever dreamed. This is a great book for people that enjoy reading about Gods and Goddesses.

Reviewer I.D: 1156

Rating: 4 stars

Tracy Andrews has written a compelling fantasy tale that combines the unusual and disparate elements of Greek mythology and demonology within the context of modern society. At first glance, you might not think this would work, but Andrews weaves the different realities into a coherent adventure that leaves you guessing about where you’ll be taken next.

Leia is a young woman in contemporary Nashville, oblivious to her truw nature as an ancient Greek goddess and tremendous hidden powers. As she slowly becomes aware of her abilities, complications arise and enemies are revealed. You’ll be introduced to a fanciful world of Gods, Goddesses, witches, demons and a host of strange and wonderful places.

I would have given this book five stars, but Andrews changes the point of view of the characters fairly frequently, and for me, it was sometimes to the point of distraction. Most of the time I hardly noticed, but there were a couple times I felt like I was being whipsawed back and forth between the different perspectives.

There are no major editing or formatting issues that stood out for me.

This is obviously the first book in a series, and I will look forward to the sequel!

Reviewer I.D: 1057

Rating: 5 stars

Part the skies and see Zeus revealed with the proverbial lightening bolt in his hand ! Travel below ground, have your senses feel and smell the stench of Demons ! This book is well researched into the world of Gods and Goddesses, and your interest of mythology will be peaked by this stunning story of a young Human who finds herself suddenly a Dream Goddess. She is transported to a plane of existence where dreams and dream Gods reside. The battle between good and evil will keep you mesmerized and racing to the next chapter. This book is so well done, and the story content is unique............ unique and original. I will be watching for Andrews next novel.

Reviewer I.D: 1001

Rating: 3.8

This was an interesting book to read. The characters were everything from ordinary to bizarre which made you want to turn the page to find out what happens next. From a gifted child to a normal little girl to a goddess. From good to evil and all in between. You didn't know what to expect from page to page which is always something I enjoy from an author. If there's anything that could be commented on was sometimes the author went from 1st person to 3rd person which can be a little difficult to follow. I'm looking forward to the next book to see how life progresses for the woman who just became of age to being a goddess with powers that could be unlimited. From a man who was interested in what he could take from her and only realizes he finds himself in an unwanted position of protecting her.

Reviewer I.D. 1031

Rating: 5

This is an interesting tale full of lots of suspense. Who does not dream of a better life to live? Certainly, none.

It all begins with a young woman, Leia, who finds herself in a world she never thought she could withstand more to talk of possessing abilities of being a Goddess.

Now she must learn how to be in full control of her powers, which are already attracting friends and also creating enemies with their numbers growing exponentially!

She has to protect her powers from getting her noticed by Zeus and others from her parents' enemies. They will definitely hatch to drain her powers immediately it is revealed. This puts her in lots of dilemma and makes this mythical tale more interesting, complex, intense and with strong attraction attributes of never wanting to let go!

I am anxiously waiting to read more from the author.

Reviewer ID: 1057

Book Name: Circle of the Sun: Summer Sol

Author: Susan Schroder

Rating: 5 stars

How could a reader begin to review this brilliantly written piece of art ? The story encompasses so many levels of fantasy, and Susan Schroder proceeds to introduce us to adorable fairies, gremlins and beautiful mermaids, who escort us on a magical trip between the light and the dark. Come, take the journey along with her companions, Merik the black cat, and Snow the white bird. As an added advantage to reading this excitingly different tale, is author Schroder's shockingly beautiful art work, that illustrates the story. Her depictions of characters who guide her through this story are hauntingly beautiful. Don't miss this one !!

Reviewer: 1132

Rating: 5 stars

This is a really fun story placed in a fantasy settings with the Traveler as the main protagonist. I’ve been really immersed into the tale from the very first page and I loved the vividly described scenery and the turbulent plot twists. Parts of it felt like a dream and the characters were unexpected and imaginative, especially near the ending. Overall, I would highly recommend this one.

   Reviewer: 1156

   Rating: 5 stars

When I choose to read fantasy, it’s because I want to immerse myself in a world so different from our own that I feel like I’m an observer inside the story. This is the feeling I had when I entered Susan Schroder’s incredible imagination. The illustrations are amazing, and the assortment of fascinating creatures helps keep the story moving quickly. It’s a very entertaining book that offers just the right combination of suspense, personal interaction and revelation. This is a great book for adults and young adults, and I highly recommend it. My only issue was with my Kindle for PC app. The book wouldn’t load until I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I guess it has to do with the Windows 10 update?

4.6 Stars
Our Reviews The Secret Daughter:  Discovery of a Goddess  Tracy Andrews

Reviewer ID: 1057

Book Name: A Chance Beginning: Book One of the Shadow's Fire Trilogy

Author:  Christopher Patterson

Rating: 5 stars

Christopher Patterson has woven us a masterpiece of magic, mystery, and suspense on his loom of words in his book A Chance Beginning. Join Erik, Befel and Bryon as they leave their farmsteads in search of easier, more profitable lives. Enjoy Patterson's descriptive narrative of places and people they encounter, such as the gypsy caravan they join, and their eventful passage along the edge of the Blue Forest. Dangerous slavers, whose sole purpose is to capture all who travel this road inhabit the forest, along with goatmen, dwarves, and gnomes. Eventually the trio decides to join a group setting out to search for an old scroll in a golden treasure chest. Don't miss the opportunity to travel along with these three adventurers, it's a fast moving, exciting tale, and fantasy at it's best.

Reviewer ID: 1057

Book Name: Dark Winds: Book Two of the Shadow's Fire Trilogy (Volume 2)

Author: Christopher Patterson

Rating: 5 stars

It is impossible to write a review that fully covers the genius of Christopher Patterson's talent in his telling of the tale Dark Winds,that emerges in Book two of his trilogy, We find Byron, Befel, and Eric accompanied by their Dwarf friends Turk Skull Crusher, Demik Iron Thorn and Nafer Round Shield, on a perilous journey through the mountains, which at one point, erupts in a gruesome battle with the dreaded Mountain Trolls. The troop survives and continues on to seek the glorious treasures of Orvencrest. To reach their destination they must travel through an old mine shaft, which eventually opens to the underground cavern city of Thorakest. Many happenings involve the group during their visit to the city of Dwarves, and the group prepares , after a brief stop in this miraculous place, to continue on their way to the riches, they are convinced await them. Dark Winds should be an award winning book, which was written with a golden pen.