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Reviewer ID: 1030

Book Name: Fiona’s Wings

Author: R.M.

Rating: 4 stars

 Fiona's Wings is a sweet chapter book for young kids. The story is set in a world of fairies, pixies, elves, tricksters, and sorcerers. It is simple to read and takes the reader on a journey with four mischievous fairies who still have a lot to learn about the rules of 'Otherworld, ‘ the magical place they inhabit.

One of the 4 fairy companions convinces her friends to follow her on a quest she was told not to take. They are met with peril when they encounter creatures of the ‘Underworld’ who turn out to be not so kind. 'Fiona's Wings' is mostly a cautionary tale to teach children about the dangers of wandering off on their own.

While I found the advisory theme of the book to be a bit heavy-handed, if you enjoy a story for kids with a strong composition of doing what is right then this book is for you!

On the plus side, I quite enjoyed all the illustrations that were sprinkled throughout the story.

Reviewer ID: 1057

   Book Name: The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba: A New Life

Begins! Book 1 Series 1

Author: Roe De Pinto

Rating: 5 stars

Amazing, amazing how Roe De Pinto captures the love and warmth fed to a new life with such a touching use of language. Her descriptive capture of the beginning of a babies first friendship is so accurate, and causes us to reflect on how all babies need to be introduced to friendship. This book will truly be enjoyed by young and old, as we realize the importance of new birth and old friendships. I highly recommend this gentle story.

Reviewer ID: 1057

Book Name: The Adventures of Blizzard

Author: Mark Cartwright

Rating: 5 stars

In the Adventures of Blizzard, Mark Cartwright has captured in words the touching gentleness between dogs and children. This delightful story illustrates just how easily children form a bond with animal friends. The tale also points out to little ones, how the dogs also form friendships among their own kind. Blizzard happened into a little boys life, and opened a whole new understanding of companionship and fun. Parents, teachers, day care professionals, take time to review Mark Cartwright's amazing book. I think you will find it to be perfect for all children who love to hear a new story !!

Reviewer ID: 1027

    Book Name: The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba Book 2, Series 1:    Zealy's Very First Swim 

Author: Roe De Pinto

Rating: 5 stars

Zealy's Very First Swim: The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba Book 2 is a beautifully illustrated children’s book written by Roe De Pinto. Appropriate for very young readers, this story showcases Zealy, a young seal, as she enjoys her loving and playful seal family. Zealy’s father carefully watches over her as she takes her first swim in the ocean and plays with her good friend Whubba, a young orca. The book is part of a fun series which features a solid and loving family, the value of friendships and the earliest steps of Zealy’s exploration of her wonder-filled environment. I highly recommend purchasing the hardcover books. The illustrations alone are worth the price, and the story is sure to entertain little ones.