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As a business concept, The Hidden Author emerged from a group of self-published authors frustrated by their inability to find inexpensive ways to market their book(s) effectively. Technology has made publishing a book relatively easy, but finding an audience is a completely different story.  Confusing, expensive and time consuming strategies can work, but they felt there had to be a better way.

The Hidden Author was conceived to harness the collective power of the self-publishing community. By supporting each other through book purchases and writing reviews, the best self-published books can gain higher visibility and a better ranking on Amazon as well as other online retailers. For $20 annually, authors list their book and commit to provide four reviews for other books on the site every year. As a group, it’s fair to ask why we aren’t supporting each other with our purchasing dollars instead of continuing to help perpetuate the dominance of the big publishers, distributors and retailers.

The Hidden Author is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KWB Enterprises, and William Busse is the current President. Mr. Busse’s background is in the HVAC industry where he owned SPS Supply, a distribution wholesale company serving the Arizona market. Mr. Busse sold SPS in 2000 to Watsco a national distributor and partner with the Carrier Corporation. In 2005, Mr. Busse started AB Sales, which is a consulting company specializing in new product insertion for HVAC products from foreign manufacturers.

In 2015, Mr. Busse self-published his own fiction novel under a pen name. After researching available book marketing methods, he invested his time and money in developing an author website, purchasing editorial reviews, running book giveaways, utilizing free eBook giveaways on Amazon and various other conventional strategies. While his book experienced some success and currently has a 4.7 star rating on Amazon, he was frustrated by an inability to climb far enough on the bestseller list to gain significant traction.

As an author, businessman, entrepreneur and professional salesperson, he saw an opportunity to serve the self-publishing community, and The Hidden Author was born. There is currently a steering committee of four other self-published authors who help develop policy, implement changes and maintain the website.

Mr. Busse is currently the President of the Authors Publishing Forum in Tucson, which currently has nearly 500 members, and he is also involved in hosting the Tucson Self Publishing Expo, which is being held on March 4, 2017 in Tucson, AZ.

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